Compound dedicated corrosion inhibition,Cleaning and Pretreatment Filming Agent

DT-503 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Boiler



DT-503 is composite materials that is  made from organic phosphonic acid and poly carboxylic acid polymer, It has high corrosion and scale inhibition performance,excellent temperature tolerance , and can be applied effectively furnace at low pressure boiler water treatment. Boilers is including plumbing, steam, locomotive boilers. DT-503 can also be used for corrosion and scale inhibition of desalination, distillation and automotive systems such as control water tank.





Amber liquid

pH (1% solution)


Using method

Add agents into the boiler as the proportion of 200g per ton of water, attention to discharging sewage,once per hour, 5 to 10 seconds everytime,increase the agents when the boiler runs with scale, discharge sewage usually, After running  10-20 days ,the boiler should be shutdown, clean off the scale to prevent dirt from pluging the pipeline, and then become normal operation. If the conditions permit, the concentration of boiler water can be measured, controlled about 10 times, and other parameters adjusted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor sector (such as boiler water pH10 ~ 12, etc.). Dosing tanks should be plastic, cement pools should be treated with preservatives, or are easy to be corroded by agents, thereby increase the hardness of the water.

The total hardness of boiler water added should be controlled at 200mg / L or less, if the hardness is too high ,use availability lime or other ways to reduce hardness, or DT-503 scale inhibition will be affected.

Package and Storage

DT-503 packed with the plastic drum, 25kg/drum, or according to customer′s request. Store in cool place, storage for ten months.

Safety Protection:

DT-503 is a weak acid, attention to labor protection, avoid contacting with eyes and skin ,once contacted,flush with water.