Compound dedicated corrosion inhibition,Cleaning and Pretreatment Filming Agent

DT-202 Scale and corrosion inhibitor for mid-high hardness water



It is compounded by sulfosalt Copolymer, organic phosphorus acid, carboxylic acid copolymer and copper corrosion inhibitor.

It has a good chelating and dispersing effect to calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate etc.

It has a good corrosion inhibiting effect to carbon steel and copper.

Under higher PH value, it has good stability to zin salt. It is a high effective water treatment chemicals with double function of corrosion and scale inhibition.





Umber liquid

Solid content%                      ≥


Total phosphoric acid,(as PO43-)%


pH,(1%water solution)





It used in opening type recirculating cooling water system, to prohibit heat exchanger scaling and corrosion. Scope of application is wide. In alkalescence recirculating cooling water system, it can form a layer of even resist film on the surface of metel. It is widely used in the recirculation cooling water system of petrify, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, central air-conditioning. Usually dosing amount is 10~20mg/L,no adjust PH value. If disposing by chlorine, pls control the residual quantity of Chlorine to 10~20mg/L.

Package and Storage:

25L or 200L in plastic barrel. Storage for ten month in room shady and dry place.

Safety Protection:

Acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water.