Bactericide,Sludge Stripper

DT-301 Composite Bactericide               


It is composed by diverse quaternary ammonium salt and peroxide. It can be ionized to cation active group. Combine tightly with the negative charge on the cell wall of microorganism, destroy the cell’s activity, kills germs and algae. Its effect is better than quaternary ammonium salt.
Its taking life ability not only have effect to aerobe but also to anaerobic bacteria.
It can soak into loam layer, and have a strong Exfoliation  and cleaning action to biological fouling.
It can be used under wide PH value, under alkaline condition, it is also effective.




colorless to pale yellow thick liquid

Active content%             ≥


pH(1% water solution)


It can be used as fungi disinfectant in industrial circulating cool water system and Waste Water Treatment etc. alternate with non-oxidizing biocide, dosing 1-2 times per month. Impulse dosing, the concentration should be 100∽150mg/l. Once existed more foams, antifoaming agent should be added .
Package and Storage:
25L or 200L in plastic barrel. Storage for one year.
Safety Protection:
neuter, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water.