Gather carboxylic acid anti-scaling dispersant

DT-102 Hydrolyzed Polymaleic AnhydrideHydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride


DT-102 is a sodium salt of maleic acid hydrolysis of poly, low molecular weight polyelectrolyte, generally relative molecular weight of 400 to 800, non-toxic, soluble in water, high chemical stability and thermal stability, decomposition temperature 330 ℃.In the high-temperature (<350 ℃) and high PH were greatly limited effect dissolution. DT-102 suitable for alkaline water or mixtures with other drugs to use. DT-102 at 300 ℃, the following is still good scale inhibition against carbonate dispersion, scale of time up to 100h. As the DT-102 scale performance and high temperature performance, so the flash device in the desalination of sea water and low pressure boiler, steam locomotive, crude oil dehydration, water pipelines and industrial circulating cooling water are widely used. Also DT-102 in the plastic recycling as a cleaning agent to use a special washing effects, showing excellent cleaning ability.DT-102 can also be used for cement additives.




Light yellow to brown red transparent liquid

Solid content% ≥


Bromine value mg / g  ≤


Average molecular weight ≥


pH (1% solution)


Density (20 ℃) g / cm 3


Using method
DT-102 usually as 1 ~ 15ppm compounds with organic phosphate, used in circulating cooling water, oilfield water injection, crude oil dewatering and low-pressure boiler furnace processing, has good scale inhibition and stripping the old scale, inhibition rate up to 98%. DT-102 when used as a plastic detergent wash solution of 1-2% in accordance to add.
Safety Protection
DT-102 is neutral, avoid contact with eyes and skin ,once contacted,flush with water.
Package and Storage

Normally in 25kg plastic drum , or determined by the users. Storage for ten months.